17 Trendy Ideas of What to Sell Online

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Here are 17 trendy ideas of what to sell online. These ideas are easy and low cost. It will make it easier for you to put your passion into practice. 

Many people are looking for others who have good ideas for what to sell online and they learn from them. Selling products online can be a lucrative home business. 

It allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere at any time of the day, depending on their schedule. With a computer and internet connection, you can get your products out to the world faster. 

There are many unexploited niches that you can consider if you wish to build a profitable online business. This article aims to enlighten you on the choices of what you could be selling online. 

1. Sell wireless phone chargers


Wireless phone chargers are one of the hottest products to sell online and offline right now. The benefits of having a wireless charger are endless. 

They provide convenience for users to place their devices on a wireless charging pad or stand and charge it wirelessly instead of using the cable. 

Many people don’t feel like walking across the room to plug in their device, so they charge wirelessly!

2. Sell portable blenders


Portable blenders sell online. A portable blender is something that you are always going to be able to use (as opposed to a juicer which you will only need to use once in a great while). 

Besides, it is much easier to clean and store than your standard blender (though they do take up some space). 

Portable blenders are also more versatile in terms of what you can make in them, and once again don’t have annoying cords that get in the way.

3. Sell laptop accessories 


Sell laptop accessories online and profit from the growing need for comfort and security. 

By offering a series of laptop accessories, such as laptop cushions and tablet covers, you can introduce your products according to consumer preference. 

Through sourcing these items at a low price, your profit margin is only affected by the number of goods sold; all while selling products that the online market is in constant need of.

4. Sell clothes

Clothing is one of the most commonly sold items online. It’s easy to do and popular. You can sell anything from t-shirts to designer dresses. 

Let the creative juices flow as you find trendy fashion items that will sell for profits online.

Popular websites such as eBay, Threadless, Etsy, and many others are great places to put your clothing for sale.

5. Sell arts


Art is one of the best products to sell online. An art will add a touch of beauty to your home and has a great resale value as well. 

It is perceived as a good investment product. If you are good at arts, then this is the right option for you.

For some, beautiful paintings can give relaxation and far from the troubles and complex life. 

Since there’s a growing interest in arts, these are the best time to make your strategies on how you can operate one.

6. Sell Bluetooth speakers


Being a relatively new technology, Bluetooth speakers are relatively affordable and innovative. 

Whether you’re entertaining a large group or hosting a party at your home, Bluetooth speakers are an ideal addition. 

Instead of having your cell phone play music through its tiny, underpowered speakers or carrying around an unwieldy boombox. Bluetooth speakers allow you to make the most of your device’s awesome sound. 

They’re just what you need if you want to sell your electronics online! 

7. Sell drones and accessories 

Drones are gaining rapid popularity among kids of all ages. From fun and games to controlling packages inside a warehouse all these tasks are made easy with the help of drones. 

Also known as Quadcopters, drones can be used for a range of purposes other than flying objects through the skies. 

Exploring the possibilities is exciting and with enterprising minds everywhere you can easily start your own business selling drones and accessories.

8. Sell cream and makeup


Makeup and skincare products have always been a favorite for online sellers. Who wouldn’t want to sell beauty-related products online? 

Nowadays, online sales of cosmetic products and makeup have grown leaps and bounds, as consumers opt for convenience. Be it skincare or makeup, people want to look good and feel good about themselves. 

If you have a way with words, sell products such as cosmetics, anti-aging cream, fragrances, and many more related items online.

9. Online food delivery


Online food delivery services are becoming quite popular and profitable nowadays. With so many people working, going to school, or running errands, who has time to prepare a meal? 

Food delivery service is a fast and simple way to get your favorite dishes delivered right to your doorstep. These services have proven to be quite popular in bigger cities such as New York or Los Angeles. 

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If you live in a more rural area or small town, you can still capitalize on this growing trend by bringing food delivery to the smaller regions.

10. Sell LED lighting


There is nothing as good as a little bit of light to make you cheer up. Besides, LED lighting is an extremely interesting niche. 

LED lights have many advantages over incandescent and CFL lamps. LED lights last longer, consume less energy, and give off a brighter more natural look. 

If you decided to start selling these LEDs in an online store, you can earn quite high profits.

11. Sell natural hair product

natural -hair-products

Have you heard your friends rave about natural hair products to treat their dry damaged hair

You have the right idea of wanting to sell natural products since there are many people out there who prefer using these types of hair products. 

Natural hair products including shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are flying off the shelves. 

Take this opportunity to be an ambassador of your own business by making and selling natural hair products.

12. Sell engagement rings


If you sell engagement rings, customers will never stop coming in. Engagement rings are one of the most expensive items people buy in their lifetime and they last long. 

Engagement rings are always a hot topic in any culture, thus making engagement ring sales a consistent business. 

Besides, engagement rings are always a popular purchase for couples who want to get married because it means one more step to marriage. 

It’s a sign that they’re in love and they’re ready to take the next step. Since it’s such a popular item, you’re going to want to make sure you do everything you can to be competitive online.

13. Sell jewelry 


Jewelry is a category of items that tend to be both lightweight and valuable allowing for it to be shipped easily and cheaply. 

It is also a popular category due to the wide range of options. For example, you can sell earrings or necklaces. You can come up with trendy ideas based on colors or materials. 

You can sell silver, gold, or platinum jewelry as well. And you don’t need a large supply to capitalize on this market! 

Selling jewelry online is a great idea if you are creative. It is not about what you are selling, but how you will present it to the world.

14. Sell shoes


Selling shoes online is a great way to create a secondary revenue stream. It’s common knowledge that shoes are one of the most popular items among online shoppers, and it’s not difficult to see why. 

High quality and trend-conscious, shoes can sell incredibly well online. If you don’t have enough time to devote to proper e-commerce, there are other options available. 

Selling shoes at consignment or vintage stores is a great way to earn money…

15. Sell leash and leash holder

The popularity of dogs as pets or animal companions is on the rise like never before. 

People love sharing moments with their hounds and such companionship makes the person healthier and happier. 

Dogs need two things to remain with their best friends – a collar to attach an ID tag that has all relevant information about the dog and a leash for taking him around on walks or adventures in open spaces. 

Selling a leash is an easy way to make a sale and take advantage of this simple accessory. You can sell it with or without a leash holder. 

People who buy leashes tend to spend more per transaction, so it is definitely worth the effort.

16. Sell personalized wine glasses


Bored with the same old designs of wine glasses? Customizing wine glasses is a great idea that is simple and modest. 

You can start by providing clear glass wine glasses which clients can have their name or any font color, to create a personal look. 

You can have many different designs; that’s the best thing about personalized items. 

Even though you only have one design for mass production, you can offer your customers a wide variety of colors and shapes like hearts, wine corks, retro stars… you name it.

17. Sell phone case


This is the trendiest thing ever! You can sell phone cases with designs of your choice and patterns. 

There are lots of people who like to buy phone cases and covers whenever they think their Smartphone’s protection needs updating. 

Besides, you can also have accessories which include phone sleeves, screen protectors other than cases. 

You just have to make them according to the requirements of customers and get paid by taking the product on-line.

6 quick tips to sell anything online

1. Verify your idea with market research

You’ve done it. You’ve come up with a brilliant idea. You’re positive that your product or service will sell, but you can’t afford to take a chance. Verifying your idea is an important stage of the creation process. 

After all, you can’t very well open a lemonade stand if there are no lemons in your area! The easiest way to verify your product idea is with market research

You can either survey people who live in the area you plan on opening your shop, or you can look at online sources such as Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers Rank, and eBay to learn what sort of products are already selling. 

This is a great way to confirm whether others will consider purchasing your product.

2. Develop your product or service

The idea is not to analyze and over-intellectualize at this stage. Once you’ve established what problem you are going to solve for your customers, you’ll need to turn that problem into a product or service. 

It’s not enough to be different or better than the competition. It has to be unique so your customers can’t find a cheaper solution elsewhere or solve the problem themselves. 

Make a list of the features that you are considering to include in your product or service.  You can do this in bullet points, on a spreadsheet, by writing each feature on a separate post-it note. 

Furthermore, you can also do this by selecting them out of a list of potential features in an online survey.

3. Set up your business finances

The key to setting up your business finances is to keep things uncomplicated. The time to set up your business financials is when you start your business. 

It shouldn’t be an afterthought – it’s like a roadmap of where you are and where you’re going. Make sure you know how much money your business needs, whether it’s a lot or a little, and why that amount is right for you. 

You should have a total of all costs (these will include monthly operating expenses, payroll taxes, and equipment maintenance, among others). 

Make sure to budget for your expenses from day one. It will help establish credibility with any person or company you may need to borrow money from down the road. 

Also note that your business bank account is strictly for business purposes, and should not be used for personal expenses or vice-versa.

4. Find vendors and suppliers

Whenever you start a new business or launch a new product, it is important to find vendors or suppliers to manufacture the products. 

There are millions of people around the world who can provide everything that you may need for your business. Yet, finding them and negotiating with them may be difficult. 

Be a smart shopper and learn everything you can about suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors with who you might consider doing business. 

You should search online and talk to friends who own franchises or online store owners to see who they use.

5. Create your website

A website is possibly the most important asset when it comes to selling anything online. If you are interested in selling items online, you must build a website for marketing your products. 

The website can be built from scratch or with the help of a website builder. But, I recommend website builders as they can be easy to set up to your taste. 

A website should be created for the products that you will be selling. The website will help in advertising your products and services. 

Besides, you can also accept payments online if you want to but the cost will vary depending on the platform you choose.

You’ll also like to know how to design a website

6. Promote your new online business

New online businesses targeting niche markets are popping up all over the place. It seems every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to become an instant millionaire with their new Internet business. 

The key factor in all of this is promoting your new online business. Without a strong promotional campaign behind you, it’s going to be difficult to drum up enough interest in your product or service for it to take off.

Final thoughts

The world is your stage. There’s a role for everyone. 

To summarize, if you want your products to sell, it is important to know the problem and solution of that specific product. 

It is vital to have a specific and unique value proposition. Once you know these aspects of your product, you can then position it in the mind of the customer. 

This post reveals 17 trendy ideas for your online business. If you’re stuck on what to sell, this might help you come up with some ideas.

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