How to Sell Makeup Online – 10 Ways to Make It Easy for You

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If you are looking to sell makeup online, then this article is here to guide you on how to sell makeup online and make some money.

Makeup is something that women use every day. There are so many brands to choose from and each of them has many options for you to buy. It can be very confusing trying to decide on which makeup products to buy.

If you like to shop online instead of going store to store, you might want to know how to sell makeup online. The following is a guide that will help you sell makeup online. It is the key to success for any business and it will help you conquer the market.

1. Identify your niche

Before you can figure out how to sell makeup online, you need to first determine your market: 

  • Who will be purchasing your products? 
  • Makeup for brides? 
  • Teens?
  • People, who live in urban environments? 

Before you can sell makeup online, you have to identify the niche or market segment that you want to sell your makeup products. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to pick a small niche. Do not try to go against all the giant cosmetic brands. 

You have to choose a market that you understand. Besides, make sure you can target it in a way that will make sense for your business. 

Even if you know nothing about the world of makeup, research, and learn. Figure out how to position yourself within the beauty community.

Niches are good for small businesses. This is because they are easier to dominate and also means that there is less competition.

2. Solve a problem

A big part of creating a profitable makeup business with the Internet is making sure that you can solve a particular beauty problem

Once you define your target market, it is important to figure out what beauty problem(s) they have that your products or services can solve.

A lot of businesses in this field fail because they try to sell a product without even knowing what the customer’s problem is. It’s easier to create an appealing brand if you can answer a compelling question like, ‘Does this product solve a specific problem?’ 

For instance, what makes your facial cleanser different from other products out there? Exploring what makes your product unique is key to articulating the value of your brand.

This is the core of your product. It will be interesting if you can create a beauty solution that everyone will love. But, make sure that the problem you offer an answer to is not oversaturated in the market. 

3. Find the best makeup product types with the highest demand

Are you totally new to selling makeup online and have little or no experience in this business? My advice is that you identify a particular product type that is in high demand and start from there. To find the best product types with the highest demand, you need to do some research

First, determine the makeup product types that are selling for the most amount of money. The easiest way to find popular product types is to search within a highly competitive niche. Check out the best selling items on eBay or Amazon. 

You must first know the makeup market well enough so that you can find the products with the highest demand and highest margins.  

The makeup product type that is most profitable for a new eCommerce shop owner will depend on the types of products that you personally like. Also, what your target audience wants to purchase. 

4. Sourcing your makeup products

Sourcing your makeup products

Now that you know what products you want to sell, it is time to find the best quality and price available on the market.

The next step in your process is sourcing the specific items you’ll sell. Sourcing your makeup products can be difficult especially if it’s your first time. But, don’t fret. As a new supplier, you have to research various things before thinking of your first product to sell.

When you’re thinking about how you’ll source your products, it’s pretty simple. You have 3 options. They are: 

Make your own makeup products

To sell makeup online, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll manufacture your own products or have them made for you. Someone who is just beginning should probably make their beauty products themselves, as a homemade look can be very popular with customers.

Manufacturing your own makeup is pretty easy. There are many online resources that can help you get started. Don’t start out big, though: test the market with a few items and then gauge consumer response.

Make use of a drop shipper

A drop shipper is a company that will store, fulfill, and ships your products to the customer. This does not include providing the makeup itself, only the service of storing and shipping it. Dropshipping allows you to buy your products from a wholesale supplier at a lower price. 

You won’t have to worry about buying an entire inventory or invest in packaging and fulfillment. This means that you can have a variety of products available for your customers without having to worry about packaging or shipping any of it.

Purchasing goods through a drop shipper is efficient for online retailers. 

Buy from a wholesaler

It is a good choice to buy products from wholesale suppliers. This way you can choose from a wider range of colors, brands, and items. In this day and age, it is very hard to compete with others in the industry without using the same product. 

Buying directly from a wholesaler will give you an edge over other businesses selling makeup products, such as cosmetics. The products are high quality, they are delivered fresh and are cheap.”

5. Build your brand   

Building a brand is hard work, but also a fun sense of accomplishment. Building your brand can be as simple as putting time and effort into developing the products you design and producing quality content.

Your brand is all of its components such as your logo, letterhead, business cards, packaging, etc. Each company needs to identify why its business exists.

 Also, its position in the marketplace, and how it will be seen by its customers. Think about the following:

Brand name

First, in order to sell makeup online, you need to come up with a brand name. A brand name can be your own name or a word that sums up the type of products you are selling. 

New brands may be more successful in creating their own original name or using abstract and clever approaches. Some strategies include:

  • Use brand names related to your products. 
  • Make it something your target clients will remember
  • Use one word if you can e.g Apple, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

A strong name is one of the most essential elements in the growth of your business.

Brand logo

Your brand logo should be a distinctive graphic, mark, or symbol that can be easily recognized. It should not only look good but also say something about your company and what you do. 

For example, the logo can be based on an object, activity, color, or shape. An example of an icon for the arts is a symbol of a paint palette and brushstrokes. You can make an icon that represents your business in a similar way.

6. Set up an online store 

You will need a platform on which to sell your idea. To assess the suitability of a platform, you should look at its ability to help you achieve your audience and sales goals. Also, its features for managing inventory and shipping products. 

Some platforms may be better suited to e-commerce businesses than others, but many platforms offer multiple selling methods. This flexibility is very helpful to you since it allows you to determine what works best for your products. To create your online store, consider any of the following:

E-commerce website builders

E-commerce website builders make it simple to create an online store for your makeup line. There are many e-commerce website builders available.

When you create your own site with this software, no coding skills are needed. Not only can you sell your products online, but you have the opportunity to enter the world of Social Media. Also, you build a platform that connects with your clientele. 

Make sure that you know what type of customer base you want because eventually, the type of site you want will help design what type of product to sell.

Online market places

You should decide on whether to set up an online shop for your business or sell via marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. A lot of companies start with these marketplaces simply because it provides a relatively easy way to sell and to gain customers. 

There are hundreds of online market places available, but if you are a beginner at selling online, try Shopify.  There are many platforms where you can create your own store. The most well known online market place for merchants is Amazon.


Dropshipping is a great way to get started in the e-commerce business without any risk. One of the major benefits of dropshipping is that it’s very affordable to start up. It doesn’t require many supplies, and you can also work out of your home.

 Alternatively, you can enlist the help of an experienced seller who’ll act as your interface, handling all the complicated logistics of dropshipping for you.

These days, you can easily find dropshippers for just about anything thanks to the Internet. It only takes a few minutes to get set up.


7. Know your product inside out

Shortly after you display your products online, you will probably start getting emails from customers who have problems with their purchases. 

Know the ins and outs of your product inside and out. Before selling a product, you need to know your product. Not only you need to know your product very well, but also the industry it is in. 

You need to know everything about it. Some considerations include:

  • how it’s made
  • are there any warning labels or precautions you want to share with customers?
  • how long can it be used
  • Who should use it
  • what are the key components of the product and why, etc? 

You don’t want customers asking questions about the product that you didn’t account for. 

To promise your customers value, you need to know the ins and outs of what you’re selling. Knowing a product inside out can help you create more interesting content. 

You will be able to confidently talk about the features and benefits of a product without sounding like a salesperson.

8. Find makeup product ideas on social media

To create a successful business, it is important to get in touch with the customers, especially fans. Also, know their needs and how they feel while following the brand. People post pictures of their makeup and other beauty products on social media every day. 

Besides, there is no better way than this to find new product ideas for your business. Start by narrowing down your search using hashtags related to the type of makeup you are looking to sell. For example, #MakeupBrands.

No matter what you are selling, I believe the first place you should look for product ideas is on social media. Furthermore, find out what your customers are asking or interesting in from a Google search or ask followers to send you an email request. 

Also, look at photos of makeup brands found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are people who share their lives through social media. Besides, their photos and captions can give you ideas of where they shop and what they purchase for makeup products.

9. Promote your Makeup

Makeup is one of the most popular beauty products to buy online. It is vital that you promote your makeup. Take advantage of the following to promote your makeup business.

Use Social media

This is probably the most important step in terms of product promotion and social media marketing. Social media, especially Instagram is the ultimate tool for an online business. It needs to be utilized by every business owner out there.  

It is important for makeup specialists who post photos of their everyday life.  Make sure you’re following the right people so that they follow you back. It’s so easy to get on their radar by following them. 

Use SEO Strategy

There are several aspects that you need to consider before promoting your makeup online. To make this profit you must have a good SEO strategy. SEO entails doing certain things to ensure that your site is indexed in search engines like Google.

 To begin with, you need to develop the right keyword combinations that will help people find your products. This will help to generate more sales for your business. Never stop repeating this and other related topics that work for your niche and business.

10. Get ready for sales

Make sure you are prepared. Do a final check that everything is in place. Have enough products, and equipment ready before the sale. Prepare a simple thank you message on social media for anyone who has reserved their invitation, this way they feel great about their purchase before it is even made!

Lastly, make sure you’re set up to take online orders and accept payment through the most commonly used methods. This will help ensure that you’re ready when you are ready to start selling.


Makeup is an online business that became popular recently. Selling makeup online has been a trend for quite some time now.

There are many ways to sell makeup online. You do not need to be a makeup artist or beauty expert to do it. You can also use social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to advertise your products.

The most important thing is to position yourself in a way that people can trust you. Besides, make customers feel good about buying your products. Make sure that your packaging looks professional. 

Besides, explain what the product does in a few words so that people know whether they will like it or not before seeing it.