Why website builders are bad

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People often complain about website builders. What they fail to realize is that they are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole using website builders inappropriately.

This informative article will shed light on website builders. You will learn about the limitations of a website builder. You will also learn why a website builder may not be the right solution for your website needs.


Before we discuss why a website builder is bad, let’s define and understand the purpose of a website builder.

What are website builders?

Website builders provide a platform to create a website without any coding or web design skills. The platform often comes with drag and drop features where users can move elements around to create a unique website.


Now that we are clear on what a website builder is designed to do. Let us go into detail about the limitations of a website builder.

Why you should not use a website builder

1. Lack of ownership

In the event, you need to leave the website builder service. Everything provided by your website builder belongs to your website builder. You no longer have rights to the templates, stock graphics and images, and whatever might have been provided by the website builder.

2. No website migration allowed

Website builders don’t let you own your website. If you want to switch your website to another service, you have to start afresh.

3. Customization Limitations

There are limitations when using a website builder as you are limited to the tools and elements provided by the website builder. If you need something your website builder does not have, you will have to do without it. In addition, using themes and templates can make it difficult to further customize your websites.

4. Pricing can add up fast

Certain integrations may come at additional cost. Domain names, premium plugins or themes, and other customization options can significantly increase the cost of your website

5. Lack of advanced SEO settings

Websites built with a website builder are known for not ranking well with Google compared to other websites not made with website builders. You have access to the design elements of your website but not the code. This limits any search engine optimization effort

6. Limited support

Customer support may be limited to paid customers. Meanwhile, some website builders may limit support to knowledgebase articles, video tutorials, and blogs.


Now that we understand the purpose of a website builder and its limitations, let’s look at some alternatives to this tool.

What are website builder alternatives?

  1. Hire a web development agency
  2. Hire a freelance web designer or developer
  3. Code the entire website yourself
  4. Use a CMS like WordPress or Blogger


Should I use a website builder or not?

A website builder lets you easily and quickly create attractive websites without coding skills. Using a website builder will save you time, money, and resources. Let’s discuss in detail, who should not use a website builder and who should use a website builder.

Who should not use a website builder?

1. Large or profitable businesses and Enterprise companies

Large companies such as financial institutions, pension companies, banks,  and insurance companies have complex business processes and require sophisticated networks of computers, enterprise infrastructure, and solutions.

2. Businesses with custom business processes

If your business is not typical, a website builder may not be a good fit. For instance, if your business requires custom business solutions like learning management systems or auto dealer solutions, website builders are not a good fit.

3. Government agencies

Government agencies need to protect their data. Using a website builder may not be a good fit as you will need to have exclusive rights and access to your database and content.

4. Religious organizations

Website builders are not a good fit for religious organizations who want to manage their organization and finances in a more controlled environment.

5. Advanced digital marketers

Digital marketers can use website builders for marketing purposes. If you want to make full-income online as a digital marketer, it’s advisable you opt for better alternatives like WordPress. The lack of control over your website code and the poor SEO features of website builders can significantly hurt your digital marketing efforts.

6. Professional web developers, agencies and tech startups

Tech companies who create custom or proprietary software for other companies would raise eyebrows when potential customers see they are using website builders. This can hurt the company’s reputation. Tech experts and companies should generally avoid using website builders.

Who should use a website builder?

  • Entrepreneurs – photography, home and repair services
  • Entertainers – artists, bands, actors
  • Individuals – bloggers, resumes
  • Small businesses owners – restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, bars, beauty professionals
  • Event Hosts – concerts, weddings, virtual events
  • Online retailers – eCommerce, information product
  • Professionals – accounting firms, consulting firms, law firms, architecture firms, interior design businesses

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Software Limitations

Now that we know the kind of website we can create, what about websites we cannot create with website builders?

Websites you cannot create with website builders

Here are examples of websites you cannot create with a website builder.

Crowdfunding websites

A crowdfunding website is a platform where people can pitch ideas to crowdfund a project or venture. An example is Kickstarter and GoFundMe. You can create a nonprofit website but you cannot create a crowdfunding website.

Social media network

Creating a social media network is practically unachievable with website builders. You will need huge computer resources website builders don’t offer. Consider social media software like Elgg and Oxwall.

Search engine websites

Search engines are websites used to search and discover other websites. They can be basic or advanced. If you want to create a website like Bing or DuckDuckGo, website builders are not a good fit to create search engines. I recommend you create a directory website or create custom software to achieve this.

Video and game streaming

People are transiting from watching television to video and game streaming. Streaming is getting incredibly popular. Examples include Twitch and Netflix. However, video and game streaming services are computer-intensive activities.

Unfortunately, website builders do not provide such resources. You will need a web hosting service dedicated to such resource-heavy activities.

Photo sharing websites

A photo-sharing website like Unsplash is a platform where users can upload, share and download photos. Website builders allow you to create portfolios to showcase your work. To create a photo-sharing website, you need special web hosting that can cater to such websites. I also suggest you look for other software alternatives.

Auction websites

With an auction website, you can allow people to bid on products online. Website builders allow you to sell products online. If you want to start an auction site, I recommend you look beyond website builders.

Other custom solutions

Do not use custom solutions for business-specific websites like learning management systems, customer relationship management software, and so on.

Alternatively, get ready-made custom solutions that fit your website needs. If there’s still no custom solution out there that fits your website needs, hire web developers or agencies to develop exactly what you have in mind.


Is it hard to make a website?

A website builder makes it easy to create a website. Otherwise, creating a website by yourself without prior coding knowledge is difficult as you have to learn web development which has a high learning curve.

Are page builders bad for seo?

Users cannot access source codes of websites built with website builders and this limits users who want to optimize their webpages for SEO rankings. If you need a website that gets organic traffic, website builders may not be the best choice.

Website builders lack many SEO settings and features in comparison to custom-made websites or content management systems software like WordPress.


I don’t believe website builders are bad. Just like any tool, they are bad when you attempt to use them for what they are not designed to do.

When you try to beat a drum with hammers instead of drumming sticks, your drum will get damaged. Website builders are designed for individuals and small businesses who want to easily and quickly create an online presence at a low cost. If a website builder does not fit into your website needs consider other alternatives like WordPress or hire a web developer or agency.