Can You Get WordPress Free On HostGator?

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WordPress and HostGator work hand in hand to give you a website that people from every corner of the world can visit. But is WordPress free on HostGator? The answer is yes.

If you want to build a new website and choose HostGator as your hosting provider, this guide is for you. Here I’ll explain what WordPress and HostGator have in common and show you how to get WordPress for free on HostGator.

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What is WordPress?

Is WordPress Free On HostGator

WordPress is open-source software that enables you to build your website from scratch with little or no technical experience.

Keep in mind that in this guide I’m referring to, the free content management system (CMS) that you can download directly on your personal computer.

The only limitation is that you’ll need a hosting provider to make your website live on the web and that’s where HostGator comes in.

What is HostGator?

Is WordPress Free On HostGator

HostGator is a powerful website hosting service that offers shared hosting plans, dedicated web hosting, and a cPanel dashboard.

This helps you manage your website and diversify your portfolio. Hostgator is among the most affordable dedicated web hosting providers available. And it’s well-sought after by bloggers and small and large businesses that need a presence on the web.

Is WordPress free on HostGator?

Yes, it is. Remember that I said HostGator has a cPanel and a control panel? It’s the point where users like yourself can manage your hosting account and install WordPress directly. 

After paying for your hosting plan on HostGator, you’ll be given access to your control panel. There you’ll find that WordPress has already been pre-downloaded by HostGator. 

All you need to do is install WordPress and start customizing it. If you encounter any challenges while installing WordPress, you can use the live chat option on HostGator, and a rep will help you set it up, after which you can change your password.

Is HostGator suitable for WordPress?

Yes, it is. HostGator may not be the cheapest hosting provider, but the value it offers is undeniable. They have an array of hosting plans that start as low as per month and are known to have one of the best customer support.

With HostGator, you can be sure your website is in safe hands. The hosting provider has a highly reliable infrastructure and provides a high level of security for your website.

How do you get WordPress in HostGator?

Is WordPress Free On HostGator

Here are the steps to take to use WordPress in HostGator:

1. Click on

2. Select the WordPress hosting plan that you want. The starter plan costs $5.95/month, The standard plan costs $7.95/month, and the business plan starts at $9.95/month. They all come with a free SSL certificate and domain name. So decide which is best for you. 

3. Register your domain name and if you have an existing domain name, now is the best time to direct it to your new hosting provider, HostGator.

4. Complete the setup of your HostGator account. This is where you’ll enter your billing address and review your order before clicking “Checkout Now” to complete your purchase.

Once you’re done paying, you will receive an email from HostGator that contains the login details for your cPanel.

5. Return to HostGator and enter your new cPanel login details. Then click the button that says “Create a website.” Next, you’ll have the option to click “Get Started” to allow HostGator to install WordPress for you.

6. Wait a few seconds until you see your WordPress login details, which contain your username and password. Copy these details to your notepad. Then exit the page by clicking on “Go to WordPress.”

7. The next page will show you where to input your new username and password. Enter the details you copied into your notepad earlier, and you can access your new WordPress dashboard.

8. Customize your WordPress site and publish it when you’re all done.

Remember, if you encounter any challenge during or after this process, you can always reach out to HostGator customer support using the live chat option. A rep will be available to solve your peculiar issues.


Does WordPress come with HostGator?

No, it doesn’t. WordPress and HostGator are two independent brands. The most you can get is buying a WordPress hosting plan from HostGator to use WordPress as your website builder.

Is WordPress cPanel free?

No, it isn’t. cPanel is a third-party integration, and it’s by no means free. You’ll have to purchase a free hosting plan to use the cPanel.

Is SSL free with HostGator?

No, it isn’t. SSL is only accessible on HostGator after you’ve purchased a hosting plan. 


WordPress is free on HostGator, but you’ll need to get a hosting plan to use it, which comes at a fee.

If you’re considering using HostGator to get your WordPress website online, you can choose from any of the 3 WordPress hosting packages I discussed earlier. They all come with free SSL, live chat support, and a free domain.

HostGator may not be the most affordable hosting manager, but its service is top-notch and reliable.

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