What Are The Disadvantages Of Wix? [+Why Is Wix Bad?]

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Just as there are several benefits to using Wix, the website builder also has its disadvantages, which I’ll discuss more in this guide.

Also, if you’ve always wanted to know why Wix is bad, and what other shortcomings it has, you’ve arrived at the answer.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Wix?

Wix website builder is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a website. It requires no code or technical knowledge and simultaneously powers small and large websites.

Wix is good for a lot of things. It has a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop features, many themes and plugins, and an eCommerce package for online merchants.

Whether trying to create a personal or corporate website, you can rely on the website builder to help you present a professional image.

Next, I’ll highlight the various disadvantages of using Wix:

What are the disadvantages of Wix

1. No export features

Wix is great, but if you need to export your site, this feature is unavailable on the platform. This is because your website is solely managed on the Wix server. 

Hence, the only option you’ll have is to create a new site under your original profile and manually transfer the information from your previous website to it. 

This can be very limiting and challenging because you can back up and export your entire site using website builders like WordPress.

2. Tracking and analytics 

Wix boasts of having a free plan that allows you to set up your website in a breeze. But something else that they don’t tell you is that you cannot access basic tracking tools like Google Analytics on the free plan. 

This makes it difficult to track the number of visitors that come to your site, and you’ll end up paying a fee to use the tracking and analytics feature.

3. Free plan has ads

Yes, you heard that right. Wix free plan also comes with ads and don’t think for a second that the ad revenue is yours to keep. 

If you’re not comfortable seeing ads you have no control over on your page, you’ll have to upgrade your plan to a premium package.

4. You cannot switch templates

Before you ever set up your Wix website, have a theme ready. To do this, browse through various blogs, video tutorials, and other review sites to see which theme is best for the website you’re about to create. 

Why is this important? I’ll tell you; Wix does not allow you to change your template once you’ve selected any. 

This is a big problem; the only way to change your website template is to start anew and create a new Wix website. This means that if you make this mistake ten times, you’ll have to repeat it until you find a theme you’re satisfied with.

5. Wix branding 

It’s possible to get carried away by Wix free plan announcements that you forget the impact it could have on your business image. Here’s something to consider: If you use the free plan, be prepared to have a URL that ends with wix.com.

So if your business name is Foodhub, in the free plan you’ll be handed Foodhub.wix.com.

Any serious business person knows this is a red flag because it sends the wrong message to your online visitors. To change this, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. 

This shows that although Wix may seem accessible, the free plan isn’t for people who are serious about their business. So if you must use Wix, opt for the paid plan straightaway.

6. Limited SEO features

If you’re a blogger or website owner, you should consider how Wix affects SEO. This is because you want your website to rank high in search engines. Well, let’s go over it together. Wix does have some SEO features, but as I said earlier, they are limited. 

For instance, the best you can get when trying to publish a post is a section to add your page titles and descriptions.

Other than that, Wix falls short compared to other website builders like WordPress. Hence, it’s no surprise that WordPress websites rank better on Google than Wix, according to a study by Ahrefs.

7. Poor customer service

Wix has poor customer support so don’t expect to get the best attention if you encounter any challenges while using it. After all, the reviews don’t lie.


Why don’t people use Wix?

Wix has limited customizations. Often, the people who use Wix require free or very low-priced websites. The other disadvantages of this guide are why some people do not use Wix.

Which is better, Wix or WordPress?

WordPress is better. It has more customizable features and powerful SEO integrations. Conversely, Wix is better for beginners who know more than nothing about website builders and is easy to use.

What is the advantage of the Wix website?

It’s an easy learning curve. Wix is no doubt one of the easiest website builders available. It also has a responsive and intuitive interface that is great for websites.


There are various advantages and disadvantages to using Wix. Nonetheless, this guide focuses on the disadvantages so you can understand what this website builder is like before deciding to use it. 

Wix’s known downsides include poor customer support, limited customizations, SEO shortcomings, and other branding challenges. 

If you’re new to website builders, Wix can be a great start to familiarize yourself with its various features.

However, if you know your way around websites and need to set up a large and corporate online business, it’ll be better to opt for a more versatile website builder.

Thanks for reading.

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