Is WordPress Really Difficult To Learn?

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WordPress is a solid website builder and content management system, but is it difficult to learn? No, it’s not if you have basic computer skills.

However, if you have little knowledge of computers or plan to make significant HTML and CSS changes to your site, you will need to learn the process within a week or two.

So, why do people think WordPress is difficult to learn? I’ll discuss this and more in this guide.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source software that serves millions of content creators and businesses worldwide. It’s free to download, easy to manage, and set up with little or no technical knowledge.

WordPress is a versatile and high-performing website builder used to create and manage personal and corporate websites. Also, it offers various features, including free and premium plugins, customizable templates, and more.

WordPress integrates with other platforms and services like WooCommerce to give users an all-around website-building experience.

Is WordPress difficult to learn?

The answer is no. As I said before WordPress is not difficult to learn if you have basic computer skills. It doesn’t require technical experience or expertise to begin.

Plus, many online resources, like blogs, tutorial videos, the WordPress community, etc., are available online if you ever feel stuck while creating your website.

Why does WordPress seem difficult?

Is WordPress difficult to learn

The main reason is that transferring it to a hosting provider can be challenging.

Because WordPress software is available online and easy to download, you’ll need to transfer it to a hosting provider to make it available on the web. This is where some people get stuck and think WordPress is difficult.

Luckily, WordPress provides hosting services as well. So instead of downloading its open-source software and thinking of how to host it on the web, you can simply sign up on

Another reason why WordPress may seem difficult to some people is that they have little knowledge of how to use templates, plugins, and widgets.

This is because WordPress has over 8000 themes and plugins which can seem overwhelming for a beginner.

As true as this is, with some practice and guidance you can familiarize yourself with the platform and these features within a few hours.

Also, you can take full advantage of the resources available online. This includes video tutorials, forums, WordPress review blogs, and documentation.

And before long your website will be up and running.

How to learn WordPress for free

1. Watch video tutorials

If you want to learn WordPress for free, a great place to start is to use the free tutorial videos available online. You’ll find lots of them on YouTube, or other sites like Lynda, and you can follow them step by step, and replay them when necessary.

These resources can help you understand the basics of WordPress till you can create your own site easily.

2. Read blogs

Because of how popular and versatile WordPress has become, several blogs like this one keep covering various topics to help people understand WordPress better.

You’ll find these blogs on Google, Bing, and other search engines and they provide tutorials, tips, and advice to help you learn the basics of WordPress. From these websites, you can also get links to other resources that will help you understand WordPress better.

3. Take online courses

A free online course can help you learn WordPress from the comfort of your device, and there are many such courses available on Coursera and Udemy. Although they can sometimes be limited in scope, they provide a good foundation for learning WordPress.

4. Download and install WordPress

Getting your hands dirty is one of the best ways to learn WordPress. So visit, download and install the software, and experiment with it as much as possible.

In fact, you can support it with other sources of learning to practice what you’re learning.

5. Join a WordPress community

Joining a WordPress community can be a great way to get the help and guidance you need to learn WordPress. These communities have members willing to answer your questions, provide support, and share their experiences with learning WordPress.

6. Practice coding

To become an expert in WordPress development, you must learn how to code. Learning how to write in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you understand the inner workings of WordPress and give you a better idea of how it works.

7. Learn from the WordPress Codex

The WordPress Codex is the official source of information for WordPress development, and it contains tutorials, guides, and other resources to help you learn how to use WordPress.

8. Ask questions

Asking questions on online forums and in WordPress communities can be a great way to get answers to your questions and learn more about WordPress. It can also help you connect with experienced WordPress developers who can provide valuable advice and insights.

9. Read books

If you prefer to learn from a book, plenty of books on the Internet focus on learning WordPress. These books can help you get started and understand the basics of WordPress and how to use it.

By following these tips, you should be able to learn WordPress for free in no time. Don’t forget to practice what you are learning and ask questions if you have any doubts.


Can you learn WordPress in one day?

Yes, you can. WordPress is not so difficult to learn. If you devote a few hours to it in one day, you can learn WordPress and complete your website setup.

How long will it take to learn WordPress?

It can take a few hours to a week. If you have basic computer skills, you can learn WordPress within a few hours. But if you’re a complete novice, or your goal is to alter your site code significantly, it may take you a week or more to learn.

What is the best way to learn WordPress?

By using tutorial videos. For instance, WP101 has many videos that help beginners build a solid blog or eCommerce online store. Although this service is subscription-based, you can find free video tutorials on YouTube.


People often assume that WordPress is difficult to learn and while their reasons may be valid, it’s not enough to take it as the whole truth. Like every new development, the best way you can understand it is if you’re willing to devote time to it.

It’s the same for WordPress. It’s easy to learn, but you’ll need to devote a few hours and at most a week to familiarize yourself with the platform. Some people end up setting their websites using the free resources available within a day. It’s that easy.

Thanks for reading.

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