Are website builders worth it?

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Are website builders worth it? This is a common question I get asked often so I decided to write about it.

Building a website for your brand or business is worth it because it adds credibility and trust to your brand or business and provides another medium for your followers or customers to find and reach your brand or business.

Before we discuss why website builders are worth it, let’s discuss the benefit of having a website.

Advantages of websites

Why should I have a website?

There are several benefits you can enjoy having a website. Let’s consider this from a business perspective.

1. Availability

Your customers will always be able to find, locate and communicate with you. If you have a physical location, your business hours may be limited. However, with a website, you can always be available for your customers to get information, drop messages or even make purchases.

2. Information

Your customers can easily get information form your website. They can know much more about you, what you do, your contact information and how to reach you. If you have an eCommerce website, customers can easily find products on your website

3. Credibility and trust

Nowadays, customers check online for information before doing business with a company. Having an online presence is a way to show credibility to your customers. This way they can trust you and do business with you without hesitation.

4. Worldwide reach

Your website will be accessible from anywhere all over the world. Even if you run a local business, this can still be a huge plus. The world is so globalized customers who are a thousand miles away can still patronize your business or partner with your business.

5. Technology

You can benefit from advanced technologies and automation tools that can help you grow your customer base and increase sales. For instance, you can extend your websites with loyalty and rewards software or any kind of software that can benefit you and your customers.

5. Customer data and insights

You can gather, store and analyze your website traffic and sales data to better understand your customers and their behavior. Customer data can be used effectively to increase sales and stay connected with your customers so they always return.

6. Better customer experience

You can improve your customer experience and engagement with your business with the tools websites offers. For example, a simple tool like a live chat feature can help your customer get instant feedback about a product. This simple tool can drive up customer satisfaction rates and make them come back for more.

7. Targeted advertising

Facebook and Google are the best marketing tools humankind has made to date. Your potential customers literally live on these platforms. You can use targeted advertisements to locate and convert potential customers to paying customers. However, this is more effective when you have a website.

8. Competition

If your business doesn’t have a website yet, it could be facing an existential threat. You may lose your customers to competitors. Especially the ones who are using the internet more effectively to attract and stay connected with customers.

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Does website builder work?

A website builder works if you want to create a website quickly and easily without writing code.

Now that we understand the benefit of having a website, let’s go into details about why websites are worth it and also discuss the value they provide.

Why should I use a website builder?

1. No design design skills required

Website builders are made for people with little to no coding skills. Website builders provide a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface for less technical people. With a website builder, you can easily use a template and update the webpages with drag and drop without any coding experience.

2. Create attractive professional websites

Create attractive and complex websites without prior technical background or expertise. website builders provide themes, graphics, and interactive elements like sliders to help you create a website modern and attractive website. Website builders follow best design practices to make sure your website is responsive and cross-platform

3. Time saver

Website builders make it easy to create beautiful website pages without wasting time writing code. Save yourself the headache of scripting, coding, debugging, deploying, testing, and securing your website from hackers. With website builders, you can create modern, professional-looking websites website in minutes and make updates at a convenient time in the future

4. Themes

Website builders have themes that can you online immediately. Themes are one of the best features of website builders. You can change templates or make updates to your templates to fit your needs. You can easily get templates, change the fonts, color and images, put your information, and your website is ready.

5. Minimize cost

Website builders can greatly reduce cost as you create multiple websites without spending so much money. Whether you go with a free or paid plan, website builders are very affordable compared to getting professional help. Unless you need to create a complex and customized website, website builders are cost-effective alternatives that would save you money on web design.

6. Free Stock Photos

No need to hire photographers or graphic designers as website builders provide stock images. Gain access to high-quality graphics at no additional cost. Website builders integrate their platforms with stock image libraries to give you access to a large database of images that will help your website look professional

7. Low learning curve

Website builders are easy to use with a low learning curve. They come with drag and drop features that can help you make changes to your website. You don’t need to reach out to your web designer or developer to make changes to your website. Simply drag and drop elements around until you like what you see.

8. Extensions

Extend your website functionalities free apps and tools like social media and eCommerce. Website builders provide tools that let you change layouts, themes, colors, styles, fonts, or even add new functionalities to your website anytime.

With website builders, you can create add new elements such as newsletter signup or mailing lists, buttons, social media integration, maps, customized forms, videos, payment integration, and so much more. You can extend the functionalities of your website without coding skills and faster than a web developer or agency ever will.

9. No server downtime

Website builders host your websites so you don’t need to learn about hosting. You can also guarantee your website will always be online. In addition, you can easily make updates to your website from anywhere. Website builders are always available. All you need is a browser and internet connection

10. SEO

Website builders allow you to change titles, alt tags, add meta descriptions to your website to improve the SEO of your webpages. Website builders integrate your website with Google Analytics to help you monitor your website traffic

11. Security

Most website builders offer SSL security even with free websites so you can be less wary of cybercriminals.

12. Support

Customer and technical support is another reason why you should use a website builder. They provide support to customers with upgraded plans.

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Can I build a website without a website builder?

You can build a website via other means such as writing your code from the scratch, hiring a web development expert or agency, or using tools such as WordPress and Magento.

Is it better to build a website from scratch?

The advantage of building a website from scratch is that you have control over your website and what it does. Other alternatives such as WordPress and website builders have limitations. There’s no limitation when you build a website from scratch.  

Is it better to code a website or use a website builder?

It is better to use a website builder when you need to create a website quickly and easily without having coding skills. It is better to code a website if you want to create a custom website and you have the necessary programming skills to make code it.

What website builders do you recommend?

If you are a newbie, start with Wix for a general-purpose website. Squarespace if you want to get creative and Square Online to get your small business online.

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Is building a website with a website builder worth it?

If you don’t have coding skills and need to create a website fast and easy while at the same time minimizing your expenses, website builders are definitely worth it.

Building a modern, professional website with website builders costs around $4-$30 per month. In comparison to the value you get, website builders are definitely worth it.